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SIFA 2.1 Accessing the Handbook

SIFA 2.1.1G

The FSA Handbook can be found:

  1. (1)

    on our website; and

  2. (2)

    on the monthly CD-ROMs (sent to all firms).

You can buy paper copies from our Publications Order Helpline or order online through our website. The contents are the same in each medium.

Installing the CD-ROM

SIFA 2.1.2G

When you first install the CD-ROM, selecting 'Preferences' enables you to select the entire Handbook or one or more sourcebooks, thus allowing you to refine your search within the Handbook. Tick each sourcebook to select it for your search. You can amend your selection of sourcebooks whenever you wish. This function does not remove any content from the CD-ROM.

Further information

SIFA 2.1.3G

You can find further information from the following sources:

  1. (1)

    The Reader's Guide describes the contents of the Handbook; where to find them and how to make use of them.

  2. (2)

    The Tables of Derivations and Destinations show where the rules of a previous regulator correspond to a provision in the FSA Handbook. The Tables provide a guide to the derivation and destination of the Handbook text, but you should not rely on them as a complete statement of the derivation and destination. You can find the Consolidated Tables of Derivations and Destinations on the CD-ROM under Handbook or on our website by clicking on FSA Handbook and scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Structure of each sourcebook

SIFA 2.1.4G

Any word that is in Italics throughout the Handbook is defined in the Handbook Glossary.

SIFA 2.1.5G

There is no index to the Handbook, although our website and CD-ROM contain search facilities that can be used to find particular words and phrases.

SIFA 2.1.6G

Transitional provisions are included at the beginning of each sourcebook. Many of these provisions have now expired. There are some TSPs (Timeless Savings Provisions) that apply to your existing clients at 30 November 2001 (N2) and allow you to continue to use, or rely on, documentation or compliance work undertaken in line with a previous regulator's rules provided the work remains valid and up-to-date. The Conduct of Business (COB) rules relating to terms of business, client agreements and client classification benefit from TSPs.

SIFA 2.1.7G

A Rule at the beginning of each chapter of the Handbook sets out which firms the chapter applies to. For example, COB 5.4.1 R states 'This section applies to a firm that conducts designated investment business with or for a private customer'. It is therefore recommended that you read the application rule first before moving on to the rest of the chapter, checking the terms in italics with the Handbook Glossary, where necessary.

SIFA 2.1.8G

There are tables of information at the end of each sourcebook. These are numbered consistently throughout the Handbook and provide a summary of requirements as set out below:



Schedule 1

Record keeping requirements (see Chapter 13 of this Overview)

Schedule 2

Notification and reporting requirements (see Chapter 12 of this Overview)

Schedule 3

Fees (see Chapter 18 of this Overview)

Schedule 4

FSA powers used in making the provisions

Schedule 5

Rules where rights of action exist under Section 150 of the Act (action for damages by a person who suffers loss as a result of a breach of the rules)

Schedule 6

Rules which the FSA has powers to waive or modify (See Chapter 16 of this Overview)

Keeping up-to-date

SIFA 2.1.9G

Handbook Notices and Handbook Development newsletters are an important means of keeping up-to-date with changes to the Handbook and regulatory issues. They are sent to each FSA-regulated firm every month.

SIFA 2.1.10G

The Handbook Development Newsletter summarises Consultation and Discussion Papers and Policy Statements issued by us over the preceding month, lists forthcoming publications with expected month of issue and gives other information, such as training offered by us to the industry.

SIFA 2.1.11G

The Handbook Notice is published after each monthly FSA Board meeting, and summarises and explains the additions and changes to the Handbook made by the Board at its meeting. The Handbook Notice also includes Policy Statements where we are not publishing them separately (usually for minor amendments that do not warrant a separate policy statement).

SIFA 2.1.12G

Our website points to where recent FSA publications can be found, such as Discussion Papers (DPs), Consultation Papers (CPs) and Policy Statements (PSs). We also organise conferences, training workshops and other events to update firms on regulatory priorities and current developments. You can contact our Events team on 020 7066 0098 if you want to find out more. Other sources of further information are explained in Chapter 19 of this Overview.

SIFA 2.1.13G

Alongside information from the FSA, trade associations, newspapers and magazines also have an important role in summarising regulatory developments and keeping IFA firms informed of changes.