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REC 2A.2 Method of satisfying the RAP recognition requirements


2Recognised Auction Platforms Regulations, regulation 13

(1) In considering whether [a RAP] or applicant satisfies the [RAP recognition requirements], the [FCA] may:

(a) treat compliance by the [RAP] or applicant with the [recognition requirements] applying to it as a [UK RIE] as conclusive evidence that the [RAP] or applicant satisfies any equivalent [RAP recognition requirements] applying to it under these [RAP regulations], taking into account any arrangements that would be necessary to meet the [RAP recognition requirements], and

(b) take into account all relevant circumstances including the constitution of the person concerned.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1), [a RAP] or applicant may satisfy [RAP recognition requirements] by making arrangements for functions to be performed on its behalf by any other person.

(3) Where [a RAP] or applicant makes arrangements of the kind mentioned in paragraph (2), the arrangements do not affect the responsibility imposed by these [RAP regulations] on the [RAP] or applicant to satisfy the [RAP recognition requirements], but it is in addition [a RAP recognition requirement] applying to the [RAP] or applicant that the person who performs (or is to perform) the functions is a fit and proper person who is able and willing to perform them.


2The FCA will request information from a RAP or RAP applicant in order to determine whether it meets the RAP recognition requirements.