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REC 2A.1 Introduction


2This chapter applies to a RAP or to a UK RIE applying to become a RAP. Regulation 2 of the RAP regulations provides that an entity must have UK RIE status before it can apply for RAP status.


2The RAP recognition requirements must be satisfied by a RAP applicant for recognition to be granted. These requirements apply both on initial recognition and throughout the period that RAP status is held. Therefore, the term RAP in the guidance should be understood to also refer to an applicant where appropriate and where not otherwise stated.


2The RAP regulations apply modified provisions of the Act to a RAP. For example, a RAP is an exempt person in respect of its business as an auction platform due to the application of section 285 of the Act as modified by the RAP regulations. Similarly, section 293 of the Act is applied and modified by the RAP regulations to provide for notification rules and notification requirements in relation to RAPs.