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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2012-12-13.

RCB Sch 4 Powers exercised

RCB Sch 4.1

    2The following powers and related provisions in the RCB Regulations have been exercised by the FSA to make the rules and directions in RCB:

    Regulation 8 (Applications for registration)

    Regulation 9 (Applications for admission to the register of issuers)

    Regulation 18 (Notification requirements)

    Regulation 20 (Material changes to the regulated covered bond)

    Regulation 24 (Requirements relating to the asset pool)

    Regulation 25 (Change of owner)

    Regulation 36 (financial penalties policy statement)

    Regulation 46, and paragraph 5 (fees) of the Schedule (Modifications to primary and secondary legislation)

RCB Sch 4.2G

2The following power under the Act has been exercised by the FSA to make the rules in RCB:

Section 138 (General rule-making power)

RCB Sch 4.3G

2The following power in the RCB Regulations has been exercised by the FSA to give the guidance in RCB:

Regulation 42 (Guidance)