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PR Sch 4 Powers exercised

PR Sch 4.1G

1The following powers and related provisions in or under the Act have been exercised by the FSA to make the rules in PR:

Section 73A (Part 6 Rules)

Section 84 (Matters which may be dealt with by prospectus rules)

Sections 85 (Prohibition of dealing etc in transferable securities without approved prospectus)

Section 87 (Election to have prospectus)

Section 87A (Criteria for approval of prospectus by competent authority)

Section 87G (Supplementary prospectus)

Section 87R (Register of investors)

Section 96 (Obligations of issuers of listed securities)

Section 99 (Fees)

Section 101 (Part 6 rules: general provisions)

Schedule 7 (The Authority as Competent Authority for Part VI)

PR Sch 4.2G

The following power in the Act has been exercised by the FSA to give the guidance in PR:

Section 157(1) (Guidance)