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Status: Please note you should read all Brexit changes to the FCA Handbook and BTS alongside the main FCA transitional directions. Where these directions apply the 'standstill', firms have the choice between complying with the pre-IP completion day rules, or the post-IP completion day rules. To see a full list of Handbook modules affected, please see Annex B to the main FCA transitional directions.

You are viewing the version of the document as on 2019-04-01.

Status: In this content, we have included all amendments made by EU exit-related instruments up to end September 2020. There will be more amendments to be made later this year, further to the September QCP.

PERG 8.27 Advice to be given to persons in their capacity as investors (on the merits of their investing as principal or agent)

PERG 8.27.1GRP

For the purposes of article 53(1)1, advice must be given to or directed at someone who either holds investments or is a prospective investor (or their agent). Where the investment is a risk-only contract of insurance such as house contents insurance, the policyholder or prospective policyholder is regarded as an investor.

PERG 8.27.2GRP

Article 53(1)1 does not apply where the advice is given to persons who receive it as:

  1. (1)

    an adviser who may use it to inform advice given by him to persons for whom he does not act as agent; or

  2. (2)

    a journalist or broadcaster; or

  3. (3)

    an employer (for example, on setting up a pension scheme).

PERG 8.27.3GRP

Article 53(1)1 does not apply to advice given to a person (such as an independent financial adviser) who is acting as an agent for an investor if it does not relate to a transaction into which the person is to enter as agent for the investor.

PERG 8.27.4GRP

Article 53(1)1 does apply where the recipient is someone who invests on behalf of other persons (whether as a principal or agent), such as:

  1. (1)

    a trustee or nominee; or

  2. (2)

    a discretionary fund manager; or

  3. (3)

    an attorney or anyone else who enters into investment transactions as agent for investors;

where he receives the advice in that capacity.

PERG 8.27.5GRP

Advice will still be covered by article 53(1)1 even though it may not be given to or directed at a particular investor (for example, advice given in a periodical publication or on a website). The expression ‘investor’ has a broad meaning and will include institutional or professional investors.