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PERG 5.10 Renewals

PERG 5.10.1GRP

It must be emphasised that activities which concern invitations to renew policies and the subsequent effecting of renewal of policies are likely to fall within insurance distribution activity2. Those considering the need for authorisation or variation of their permissions will wish to consider whether a process of tacit renewal operates: that is, where a policyholder need take no action if they wish to maintain their2 insurance cover by having their2 policy 'renewed'. This process will typically result in the issue of a new contract of insurance, not an extension of the period of the existing one. It may involve the activities of advising on investments, arranging and dealing in investments as agent. More specifically, preparing a 'tacit renewal' letter on behalf of an insurance undertaking is likely to amount to arranging. Where it contains a recommendation to renew existing cover this is likely to constitute advising on investments (except P2P agreements)1 (under article 53(1)1 of the Regulated Activities Order). If the contract takes effect on the date stipulated in the renewal letter, a contract is concluded with the effect that the letter writer may be dealing in investments as agent. The process may also involve a regulated activity under article 64 (Agreeing to carry on a regulated activity).