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PERG 17.6 Exclusions

PERG 17.6

Q6.1 What exclusions are available?

There are a number of exclusions that apply to debt counselling. The following table lists them and says where further information on them can be found in PERG.

Exclusions that apply to debt counselling

What the exclusion covers

RAO article

Where summarised in PERG

Activities where person has a connection to the agreement

Article 39H

PERG 2.8.7CG (1)

Activities carried on by certain energy suppliers

Article 39I

PERG 2.8.7CG (3)

Activities carried on in relation to a regulated mortgage contract or a home purchase plan

Article 39J

PERG 2.8.7CG (4) and examples (17) and (18) in the table in the answer to Question 7.1.

Activities carried on by members of the legal profession etc.

Article 39K

PERG 2.8.7CG (5)

Information society services

Article 72A

PERG 2.9.18 G

Local authorities

Article 72G

PERG 2.9.23 G to PERG 2.9.24 G

Insolvency practitioners

Article 72H

PERG 2.9.25 G to PERG 2.9.27 G