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MAR TP 1 Transitional Provisions

MAR TP 1.1

GEN contains some technical transitional provisions that apply throughout the Handbook and which are designed to ensure a smooth transition at commencement. These include transitional provisions relevant to record keeping and notification rules.

1) Transitional Provisions for The Code of Market Conduct - (MAR 1)

There are no transitional provisions for The Code of Market Conduct (The Code of Market Conduct).

2) Transitional Provisions for Price stabilising rules (Price Stabilising Rules)

SUP contains transitional provisions which carry forward into MAR 2 (Price stabilising rules) written concessions relating to pre-commencement provisions.

23) Transitional provisions for MAR 6 (systematic internaliser reporting requirements)

A provision giving effect to Article 21 (4) of the MiFID Regulation as regards creating the initial list of all systematic internalisers.

MAR TP 1.2


(2) Material provision to which transition al provision applies


(4) Transitional provision

(5) Transitional provision: dates in force

(6) Handbook provision: coming into force





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An investment firm, which is authorised by the FSA, must notify the FSA in writing by 1 December 2007 if at 1 November 2007 it is a systematic internaliser in respect of shares admitted to trading on a regulated market.

From 1 November 2007 to 2 December 2007

1 November 2007