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MAR Sch 2 Notification requirements

MAR Sch 2.1G

This schedule outlines the notification requirements detailed in MAR where notifications should be provided to the FCA.1

Mar Sch 2.2G

Notification requirements1

1Handbook Reference

Matter to be notified

Contents of Notification

Trigger event

Time allowed

2MAR 5.6.2R(1)

Proposal to change fee incentive scheme

Summary of proposal in the form set out in Annex 1

Proposal communicated to members

Without delay

2MAR 5.6.2R(2)

Change to fee incentive scheme

Summary of change

Change published or notified to members

Without delay

MAR 8.3.17 R

Reasonable possibility of not being able to hold sufficient financial resources

Full details together with relevant financial information


As soon as practicable