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MAR 6.1 Application

Who and what?

MAR 6.1.1 R RP

MAR 6.3A (Quality of execution) and MAR 6.4A (Quotes in respect of non-equity instruments) apply to the following firms when dealing in the United Kingdom:2

  1. (1)

    a MiFID investment firm which is a systematic internaliser2; or

  2. (2)

    a third country investment firm which is a systematic internaliser2.

[Note: article 35(8) of MiFID]2

MAR 6.1.2 R RP

The systematic internaliser reporting requirement in MAR 6.4.1 R applies to an investment firm which is authorised by the FCA .

[Note: articles 15(1) and 18(4) of MiFIR]2

Status of EU provisions as rules in certain instances

MAR 6.1.3 R


MAR 6.1.4 R RP

2 GEN 2.2.22AR applies to ensure that a third country investment firm should not be treated in a more favourable way than an EEA firm.