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M2G 1.5 ESMA Guidelines

M2G 1.5.1G

1In addition to being required to submit draft technical standards to the Commission, where required by MiFID and MIFIR, ESMA may be required to issue guidelines, for example, on the requirements for the management body of a market operator and a data reporting services provider.

M2G 1.5.2G

1ESMA guidelines are subject to the ‘comply or explain’ process in article 16 Regulation 1095/2010 (establishing ESMA) and are addressed to competent authorities or, as the case may be, market participants. Under article 16(3) Regulation 1095/2010 (establishing ESMA) competent authorities and financial market participants must make every effort to comply with these.

M2G 1.5.3G

1As a general practice, when the FCA decides to comply with the guidelines issued by ESMA it will signpost a reference to these by means of a note at the beginning of the relevant section of the Handbook. Although the FCA is required to notify ESMA whether it will comply or intends to comply with the guidelines, with reasons for any non-compliance, financial market participants are not required to report to ESMA (for notification of regulatory breaches by firms to the FCA, see, generally, SUP 15).