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ICOBS Sch 2 Notification requirements

ICOBS Sch 2.1G

3Handbook reference

Matters to be notified

Contents of notification

Trigger event

Time allowed

ICOBS 8.4.6 R

Whether or not business falling within ICOBS 8.4.4 R (1) is being carried out

Statement by director that, to the best of the director's knowledge, content is true and accurate, and if relevant details of the internet address at which the employers' liability register is made available, the firm's contact details and the period over which the firm or syndicate member provided cover under relevant policies.

Firms or syndicate members carry out contracts of insurance which are general insurance contracts

One month

ICOBS 8.4.11 R

Changes to the accuracy of the contents of the notification in ICOBS 8.4.6 R (1)

Details of the change and of the new position

Changes to the accuracy of a notification made under ICOBS 8.4.6 R

Within one month of the change