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FPCOB Sch 1 Recordkeeping requirements

FPCOB Sch 1.1G

1The aim of the guidance in the following table is to give the reader a quick overall view of the relevant record keeping requirements in FPCOB.

FPCOB Sch 1.2G

1It is not a complete statement of those requirements and should not be relied on as if it were.

Handbook reference

Subject of record

Content of record

When record must be made

Retention period

FPCOB 3.1.11R, 3.1.12G(3)

Monies held on trust for customers

Location and amount of monies held on trust for particular customers

When making safeguarding arrangements specified in FPCOB 3.1.11R

Not specified

FPCOB 4.2.13R(1)

Financial promotion

A financial promotion communicated or approved (subject to exemptions)

When communicated or approved

6 years

FPCOB 4.2.13R(2)

Telemarketing scripts

Copy of any script used

Date script used

6 years

FPCOB 6.4.18R

FP distribution charges

FP distribution charges paid by each customer

Date paid by customer

Not specified

FPCOB 15.9.4G

Calculation of core capital resources

Reasons for any difference between the deficit reduction amount and any public commitment to provide funding in respect of a defined benefit occupational pension scheme

When calculating its capital resources for the core capital resources requirement

Not specified

FPCOB 15.10.5R

Risk assessments

Assessments required under FPCOB 15.10.4R including major sources of risk and how the firm intends to deal with them

When assessments are made under FPCOB 15.10.4R

At least 3 years

FPCOB 16.1.5R(4)

Single central record

Single central record containing all up-to-date and pertinent information and documents relating to each funeral plan contract

Date firm entered into funeral plan contract

Not specified

FPCOB 16.2.3R

The firm’s most recent funeral plan resolution manual

As stated in the rule

When the funeral plan resolution manual is made or updated

None specified (but see FPCOB 16.2.4R)