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FEES TP 16R Transitional Provisions for Market Data Processor System Connectivity Fees


(2) Material to which the transitional provision applies


(4) Transitional provision

(5) Transitional provision: dates in force

(6) Handbook provision: coming into force


FEES 3.2.7R Part 1 (1) (zx) and 1(1) (zy)


Where a person has applied to connect to the market data processor system prior to [3 July 2017] the onboarding fees as described in FEES 3.2.7R Part 1 (1) (zx) and 1(1) (zy) are payable in respect of the application and are due within 15 workings days of 3 July 2017.

From 3 July 2017

3 July 2017