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FEES 7B.1 Application and Purpose


FEES 7B.1.1R

1This chapter applies to every person listed in FEES 1.1.2R(5).


FEES 7B.1.2G

1The purpose of this chapter is to set out the requirements on the persons listed in FEES 7B.1.1R to fund the Treasury’s costs relating to the provision of debt advice by the Devolved Authorities, and the related FCA collection costs.


FEES 7B.1.3G

1The Treasury’s debt advice costs are defined in subsection 1 of section 137SB (Rules to recover debt advice expenses incurred by the devolved authorities) of the Act as the expenses incurred, or expected to be incurred, by the Devolved Authorities in connection with the provision of information and advice on debt to members of the public in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

FEES 7B.1.4G
  1. (1)

    1Under section 137SB(1) of the Act, the Treasury may notify the FCA of the amount of the debt advice costs.

  2. (2)

    Sections 137SB(2) and (3) of the Act require the FCA to make rules requiring authorised persons, electronic money issuers or payment service providers to pay specified sums, or sums calculated in a specified way, to the FCA with a view to recovering:

    1. (a)

      the amount notified by the Treasury; and

    2. (b)

      expenses incurred by the FCA in connection with its functions under section 137SB of the Act.

FEES 7B.1.5G

1This chapter contains the rules referred to in FEES 7B.1.4G(2).

FEES 7B.1.6G

1Under section 137SB(8) of the Act, the FCA must pay to the Treasury the amounts that it receives under these rules, apart from amounts covering its collection costs (which it may keep).

FEES 7B.1.7G

1The total amount raised by the DA levy may vary from year to year depending on the amount notified to the FCA by the Treasury.

FEES 7B.1.8G

1These rules were made with the consent of the Treasury pursuant to section 137SB(5) of the Act.


FEES 7B.1.9R

1A firm is not liable to pay a DA levy in relation to payment services or electronic money issuance if it is the Bank of England, a government department, a local authority, a municipal bank or the National Savings Bank.

Gibraltar-based firms

FEES 7B.1.10R

2In accordance with GEN 2.3 (General saving of the Handbook for Gibraltar), rules or guidance in FEES 7B that immediately before IP completion day applied in relation to or in connection with Gibraltar will continue to apply after IP completion day. The exceptions to this provision are the fee rates set out in Part 4 of FEES 7B Annex 1R, which may change each fee year.