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FEES 4 Annex 12 Guidance on the calculation of tariffs set out in FEES 4 Annex 1AR Part 3 and FEES 4 Annex 1BR Part 34


The following table sets out guidance on how a firm should calculate tariffs for fee-block A.4.3


Adjusted Gross Premium Income and Mathematical reserves - calculation of new regular premium business

(1) In calculating the new regular premium business element of its Adjusted Gross Premium Income, a firm (A) should not include business transferred from another firm (B) under the procedure set out at Part VII of the Act, during the relevant financial year, provided that that transfer did not involve the creation of new contracts between the policyholders subject to the transfer and A. This is because that business is existing business even though it is new from the point of view of A. This means that if new contracts are created as part of the transfer, that business should be included in the calculation of As new regular premium income business.

(2) If any business is transferred to a firm (A) from another firm (B) under the procedure set out at Part VII of the Act and that business would have been included in B's tariff base as new regular premium business in the absence of such a transfer, this business should be included in either A's or B's tariff base, depending on the date of transfer. FEES 4.3.15R explains in whose tariff base it should be included.

(3) Mathematical reserves should take account of all of A's business, including all new business transferred from B.