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EG 19.18 1Counter-Terrorism Act 2008

EG 19.18.1RP

1The FCA has investigation and sanctioning powers in relation to both criminal and civil breaches of the Counter Terrorism Act 2008 (“the Counter Terrorism Act”). The Counter Terrorism Act allows the Treasury to issue directions imposing requirements on relevant persons in relation to transactions or business relationships with designated persons of a particular country. Relevant persons may be required to take the following action:

  • apply enhanced customer due diligence measures;
  • apply enhanced ongoing monitoring of any business relationship with a designated person;
  • systematically report details of transactions and business relationships with designated persons; or
  • limit or cease business with a designated person.

EG 19.18.2RP

1The FCA is responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with requirements imposed by the Treasury under the Counter Terrorism Act by ‘credit institutions’ that are authorised persons and by ‘financial institutions’ (except money service businesses that are not authorised persons and consumer credit financial institutions). ‘Credit institutions’ and ‘financial institutions’ are defined in Part 2 of Schedule 7 to the Counter Terrorism Act.

EG 19.18.3RP

1The investigation and sanctioning powers given to the FCA by the Counter Terrorism Act are similar to those given to the FCA by the Money Laundering Regulations. The FCA's approach to using its powers under the Counter Terrorism Act will be consistent with its approach to using its powers under the Money Laundering Regulations, described in paragraphs 19.15.1 to 19.15.7 above.