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EG 19.17 1Regulated Covered Bonds Regulations 2008

EG 19.17.1RP

1The RCB Regulations provide a framework for issuing covered bonds in the UK. Covered bonds issued under the RCB Regulations are subject to strict quality controls and both bonds and issuers must be registered with the FCA. The RCB Regulations give the FCA powers to enforce these Regulations. Where a person has failed, or is likely to fail, to comply with any obligation under the RCB Regulations, the FCA may make a direction that the person take steps to ensure compliance with the Regulations or it may make a direction for the winding up of the owner of the asset pool. The FCA may also remove an issuer from the register if it fails to comply with the Regulations. In addition, the FCA may apply to court for an order restraining a person from committing a breach of the Regulations or requiring the person to take steps to remedy the breach. The RCB Regulations also give the FCA the power to impose a financial penalty on a person for a breach of the Regulations.

EG 19.17.2RP

1The FCA may use the information gathering powers set out in section 165 of the Act when monitoring and enforcing compliance with the RCB Regulations, and may appoint skilled persons as provided in section 166 of the Act.

EG 19.17.3RP

1The FCA's approach to the use of its enforcement powers, and its statement of policy in relation to imposing and determining financial penalties under the RCB Regulations, are set out in RCB 4.2. The FCA's penalty policy includes having regard, where relevant, DEPP 6.5 to DEPP 6.5D and such other specific matters as the likely impact of the penalty on the interests of investors in the relevant bonds. The FCA's statement of procedure in relation to giving warning notices or decision notices under the RCB Regulations is set out in RCB 6. It confirms that the RDC will be the decision maker in relation to the imposition of financial penalties under the RCB Regulations, following the procedure outlined in DEPP 3.2 or, where appropriate, DEPP 3.3 and that decision notices given under the Regulations may be referred to the Tribunal.

EG 19.17.4RP

1The FCA may agree to settle cases in which it proposes to impose a financial penalty under the RCB Regulations if the right regulatory outcome can be achieved. The settlement discount scheme set out in DEPP 6.7 applies to penalties imposed under the RCB Regulations. See DEPP 5 and EG 5 for further information about the settlement process.