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You are viewing the version of the document as on 2023-11-28.

DISP App 4 Annex 2 Information for redress calculation

1This Annex belongs to DISP App 4.3.5G.

The following information may be relevant to the redress calculation:


Information needed

Information about the consumer

• Date of birth (DOB)

• Date of death (if applicable)

• Marital or civil partnership status

• Spouse or civil partner’s DOB

• Children’s ages if the consumer has children who pension benefits would potentially be payable to

• Whether the consumer is assumed to have retired and, if so, the date at which the consumer is assumed to have retired

• Information to help determine any adjustment to take the consumer’s tax position into account:

o annual taxable income

o expected total contributions to consumer’s DC pension in the tax year in which redress is being paid

o annual allowance carry forward from previous years

o current lifetime allowance usage

o expected future lifetime allowance usage

o details of any lifetime allowance protections

o marginal tax rate expected in retirement

Information about the consumer’s former DB scheme

• Date of leaving active service in the DB scheme (‘DOL’)

• Section

• Annual DB pension at DOL split by tranche, as applicable to each section, including GMP splits

• Automatic lump sum entitlement due at retirement at DOL split by tranche, as applicable to each section

• Normal retirement age applying to each tranche

• Early and later retirement factors

• Confirmation of any lower unreduced retirement age that applies to any tranches due to any enhanced early retirement provision

• Amount of any other associated benefits (eg, bridging pension, death benefit entitlements pre- and post-retirement)

• PCLS factors in force at date of retirement

• Details of any adjustment applicable to the transfer as part of a pension sharing order entered into

Information about the consumer’s current DC pension (relating to funds from the transfer)

• Date of transfer out of the DB scheme

• Fund value at valuation date

• Percentage-based product charges and adviser charges, including annual management charges

• Product and adviser non-percentage charges, including ongoing adviser charges

• Amount of any PCLS taken and dates of payment

• Amount of any funds accessed flexibly and dates of payments

• Date of any annuity purchased

• Annuity terms (if applicable):

o amount

o increases (RPI linked, CPI linked, applicable cap, applicable floor)

o spouse’s pension – proportion on death

o remaining guarantee period from the valuation date

o payment in arrears or advance

o payment frequency