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DEC App 1.6 Starting the mediation

DEC App 1.6.1G

If a case is submitted to mediation, the parties will send a joint mediation notice in an agreed form to:1

  1. (1)

    the mediation provider; and

  2. (2)

    the secretary to the RDC.

DEC App 1.6.2G

The mediation notice will commit each party to use their best endeavours to progress the mediation process in a timely manner.

DEC App 1.6.3G

The person may request in the mediation notice that the time period specified in the warning notice for making oral or written representations (or both) to the RDC be extended by a maximum of 14 days, to allow time for the mediation to be completed. On receipt of a mediation notice requesting such an extension, the RDC will notify the parties and the mediation provider of its agreement to the requested extension or of any other extension that it sees fit.

DEC App 1.6.4G

If required, the person may apply to the RDC for a further extension in order to complete the mediation (see DEC App 1.7.5 G). The total of all extensions to the 28 day time period for making written or oral representations may not exceed 28 days, other than in exceptional circumstances.