CREDS 9.1 Application and purpose


CREDS 9.1.1R

1This chapter applies to all credit unions.


CREDS 9.1.2G

This chapter sets out rules and guidance for credit unions on completing reports concerning complaints received from eligible complainants. It replaces DISP 1.10 (Complaints reporting rules) and DISP 1.10A (Complaints data publication rules), which do not apply to credit unions (DISP 1.1.5A R).

CREDS 9.1.3G

The other elements of DISP 1 (DISP 1.2 (Consumer awareness rules), DISP 1.3 (Complaints handling rules), DISP 1.4 to DISP 1.8 (Complaints resolution rules etc.) and DISP 1.9 (Complaints record rule)) apply to credit unions.

CREDS 9.1.4G

DISP 2 to DISP 4 (which cover jurisdiction and procedures of the Financial Ombudsman Service) and FEES 5 (which covers funding of the Financial Ombudsman Service) apply to credit unions.