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CRED 2.8 Schedules

CRED 2.8.1G

CRED contains eight schedules as follows:

Transitional provisions

CRED 2.8.2G

The list of transitional provisions in CRED modifies the general transitional provisions contained elsewhere in the Handbook to apply specifically to credit unions.

Schedule 1: Record keeping requirements

CRED 2.8.3G

Schedule 1 provides a list of the detailed record keeping requirements in CRED and where they are to be found.

Schedule 2: Notification requirements

CRED 2.8.4G

Schedule 2 provides a list of the detailed notification requirements in CRED and where they are to be found.

Schedule 3: Fees and other required payments

CRED 2.8.5G

Schedule 3 provides a list of any fees and other payments for which a credit union may be liable under CRED. As details of fees and other payments appear elsewhere in the Handbook, we have also included a table of where these can be found. (Note that these will also be summarised in Schedule 3 to the relevant Handbook module in which they appear).1

Schedule 4: Powers exercised in making the Handbook.

CRED 2.8.6G

Schedule 4 specifies the powers given by the Act which the FSA has exercised in making the provisions in the sourcebook or manual.

Schedule 5: Rights of action for damages

CRED 2.8.7G

Schedule 5:

  1. (1)

    gives guidance (where relevant) on the availability of rights of action to private persons under section 150 of the Act; and

  2. (2)

    lists the rules in CRED:

    1. (a)

      to which rights of action under section 150(1) of the Act; and

    2. (b)

      to which rights of action apply at the suit, not only of a private person, but of a person who is not a private person, in accordance with section 150(3), with a statement to whom the rights have been extended.

Schedule 6: Rules that can be waived

CRED 2.8.8G
  1. (1)

    Schedule 6 specifies the rules in the sourcebook or manual (if any) which the FSA has power to waive or modify, and the section of the Act which gives the FSA that power in respect of the rules in question.

Schedule 7: Schedule of releases

CRED 2.8.9G
  1. (1)

    The purpose of schedule 7 is to help credit unions keep track of amendments made to CRED since it was first published. It lists by serial number each release issued, its date of publication and its contents. The full text of each release is on the FSA's website at