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CRED 2.2 Structure

CRED 2.2.1G

CRED is available on the Internet, on CD-ROM and on paper. Its structure and contents are the same in each medium.

CRED 2.2.2G

CRED follows the same structure as the Handbook, which consists of sourcebooks (providing sources of the FSA's requirements and guidance) and manuals (containing processes to be followed) arranged in groups according to their subject matter. A table of contents of the Handbook is provided at Appendix 1 to this sourcebook.

CRED 2.2.3G

Appendix 2 sets out the contents of CRED. These are the same as those of the Handbook except that those sourcebooks and manuals which are not relevant to credit unions have been omitted.

CRED 2.2.4G

Each sourcebook or manual has a reference code of two or more letters. This is usually a contraction or abbreviation of its title, for use in cross-references in the text and in the index. Thus, for example the Credit Unions sourcebook abbreviates to CRED, while the Authorisation manual abbreviates to AUTH.