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CONC 7.4 Information on status of debts


A firm must provide the customer or another person acting on behalf of the customer with information on the amount of any arrears and the balance owing.

[Note: paragraph 3.3f of DCG]



  1. (1)

    a customer offers a settlement payment lower than the total amount owing; or

  2. (2)

    a lender under a regulated credit agreement or an owner under a regulated consumer hire agreement decides to stop pursuing a customer in respect of a debt arising under the agreement;

and the debt (or part of it) continues to exist notwithstanding the acceptance of the customer's offer or the decision to cease to pursue the debt, the lender or owner must ensure that the continuing existence of the debt and the possibility of the customer being pursued by another firm who purchases the debt is explained in clear terms to the customer.

[Note: paragraph 3.3i of DCG]