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CONC 2 Annex 2 Abbreviated distance marketing information


This Annex belongs to CONC 2.7.11 R.


The identity of the person in contact with the consumer and his link with the firm.


A description of the main characteristics of the financial service.


The total price to be paid by the consumer to the firm for the financial service, including all taxes paid via the firm or, where an exact price cannot be indicated, the basis for the calculation of the price enabling the consumer to verify it.


Notice of the possibility that other taxes and/or costs may exist that are not paid via the firm or imposed by the firm.


The existence or absence of any 1right to cancel in accordance with the cancellation provisions or rules (in sections 66A or 67 of the CCA or in CONC 11.1) and, where the right to cancel exists, its duration and the conditions for exercising it, including information on the amount the consumer may be required to pay on the basis of the cancellation provisions or rules1.



That other information is available on request and the nature of that information

[Note: article 3(3)(b) of the Distance Marketing Directive]