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COLL 4 Annex 2 Portfolio turnover calculation

1This Annex belongs to the rule on the contents of the simplified prospectus in this chapter.


This Annex sets out the requirements in relation to the portfolio turnover rate. It reproduces Annex II to Commission Recommendation (2004/384/EC), amplifying Schedule C (Contents of the simplified prospectus) to the Management Company Directive (2004/107/EC). This table also includes other material which the FCA considers should be included.

Portfolio turnover rate

A simplified prospectus scheme's or, where relevant, a compartment's (sub-fund's) portfolio turnover rate must be calculated in the following way:

Purchases of securities = X

Sales of securities = Y

Total 1 = total of transactions in securities = X + Y

Issues/Subscriptions of units of the scheme = S

Cancellations/Redemptions of units of the scheme = T

Total 2 = Total transactions in units of the scheme = S + T

Reference average of total net assets = M

Turnover = [(Total 1 - Total 2)/M]*100

The reference average of total net assets corresponds to the average of net asset values calculated with the same frequency as under Annex 1 to this chapter. The portfolio turnover rate disclosed should correspond to the period(s) for which a TER is disclosed. The simplified prospectus should in any case include a clear reference to an information source (e.g. the scheme's website) where the investor may obtain previous periods' performance.


Firms should note that inclusion of the portfolio turnover rate in the simplified prospectus is mandatory. The rate must be calculated according to the formula which is prescribed above. However, because the rate includes both purchases and sales of securities, readers may find it difficult to understand. Consequently firms should consider including an explanation of the formula, such as:

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