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COBS 9 Annex 1 Basic advice initial disclosure information1


1This Annex belongs to COBS 9.6.5R (1)

Information that comprises the following:


the name and address (head office or principal place of business if more appropriate) of the firm;





a statement that the service being offered is basic advice on a limited range of stakeholder products by asking questions about income, savings and other circumstances but without carrying out a full assessment of the retail client's needs and without offering advice on whether a non-stakeholder product may be more suitable;


a statement, in accordance with GEN 45 that the firm is regulated by the FCA5 (or if an appointed representative, a statement of whom it is an appointed representative and that that firm is regulated by the FCA)5 to give basic advice, together with the registration number of the firm and the fact that the firm's status can be checked with the FCA5 on 0800 111 6768 or on the FCA5 website at;



a statement disclosing any product provider loans (where such credit exceeds 10% of share and loan capital) and direct or indirect ownership (where that ownership exceeds 10% of share capital or voting power) either by, or of, a single product provider or operator; (See also notes 32-352 in COBS 6 Annex 1 and notes 45-502 of COBS 6 Annex 2)



a2 description of the arrangements concerning complaints and the circumstances in which the retail client can refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service; (See also notes 36-372 in COBS 6 Annex 1 and notes 51-542 of COBS 6 Annex 2)



a description of the circumstances and the extent to which the2 firm is covered by the compensation scheme and the retail client will be entitled to compensation from the compensation scheme;2 (See also notes 38-392 of COBS 6 Annex 1 and notes 55-582 of COBS 6 Annex 2)



any relevant disclosure required by the rules on describing the breadth of advice (COBS 6.2B.33R3).

[Note: in respect of 7, article4 10 of the Investors compensation directive]