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COBS 15.5 Special situations

Contracts with trustees and operators of pension schemes

COBS 15.5.1RRP

In this chapter:

  1. (1)

    references to a consumer include the trustees of an occupational pension scheme and the trustees or operator of a personal pension scheme or stakeholder pension scheme; and

  2. (2)

    any contract with such persons is to be treated as a non-distance contract.

Other legislation including for child trust funds and automatic enrolment into pensions2

COBS 15.5.2RRP

This chapter applies as modified to the extent necessary for it to be compatible with any enactment.

COBS 15.5.3GRP

For example:

  1. (1)

    the Child Trust Fund Regulations contain provisions relevant to cancellation rights; in particular they provide that any uninvested sums held in connection with a CTF should be held in a designated bank account; and the effect of conditions 4(a) and (b) in regulation 5 of the Child Trust Fund Regulations (applicable to non-HMRC allocated CTF) is that a CTF opened by way of distance contract has a cancellable management agreement in all cases and the CTF cannot be opened until the cancellation period has expired, therefore the price fluctuation exemption is not engaged;

  2. (2)

    where legislation does not permit sums within a personal pension scheme or CTF to be returned to a consumer, the requirement to do so on cancellation is modified to permit payment to another provider on behalf of the consumer; the firm should notify him, where relevant, as soon as possible that it holds money awaiting re-investment instructions; if that money is held in a non-interest bearing account this should be drawn to his attention;2

  3. (3)

    2the Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Automatic Enrolment) Regulations 2010 contain provisions relevant to cancellation rights; in particular they provide rights of opt-out from an automatic enrolment scheme; the cancellation rights in this chapter are modified to permit a provider to adopt the opt-out process in the Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Automatic Enrolment) Regulations 2010 in relation to all members of an automatic enrolment scheme; the cancellation rules will continue to apply for any single premium contributions or transfers where these would normally attract this right.

Automatic cancellation of an attached distance contract

COBS 15.5.4GRP

When a consumer cancels a distance contract under this chapter, his notice may also operate to cancel any attached contract which is also a distance financial services contract unless the consumer gives notice that cancellation of the main contract is not to operate to cancel the attached contract (see regulation 12 of the Distance Marketing Regulations). Where relevant, this should be disclosed to the consumer along with other information on cancellation.

Appointed representatives

COBS 15.5.5GRP

This chapter does not act to cancel distance contracts entered into by an appointed representative or where applicable, by a tied agent,1 as principal such as a distance contract to provide advisory services, but the Distance Marketing Regulations (regulations 9 to 13, see regulation 4(3)) may have this effect.


COBS 15.5.6GRP

Where a life policy or unit bought on opening or transferring an ISA is cancellable, the right to cancel, or substitute right to withdraw, applies to the entire arrangement. For example, a maxi-ISA comprising a life policy in the stocks and shares component and a cash component would be cancellable as a whole with a cancellation period of 30 calendar days. However, a firm is free to give the consumer the option of cancelling individual components separately with the same cancellation period if it wishes.