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COBS 10A.1 Application

1[Note: ESMA has also issued guidelines under article 16(3) of the ESMA Regulation on complex debt instruments and structured deposits. See [ ]


COBS 10A.1.1R

This chapter applies to a firm which provides investment services in the course of MiFID or equivalent third country business other than making a personal recommendation or carrying out portfolio management.

COBS 10A.1.2R

This chapter applies to a firm which assesses appropriateness on behalf of a MiFID investment firm so that the other firm may rely on the assessment under COBS 2.4.4R (Reliance on other investment firms: MiFID and equivalent business).

Effect of provisions marked EU

COBS 10A.1.3R

The effect of GEN 2.2.22AR is that provisions in this chapter marked “EU” also apply in relation to the equivalent business of a third country investment firm as if they were rules.