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COB 3 Annex 3 Additional contents of Enterprise Investment Scheme particulars (Private Offer of Enterprise Investment Scheme Shares) (R)


This annex forms part of COB 3.9.28 R.

The following statements are to be included with particular prominence:


"The [firm] [scheme manager] [and its directors] [has] [have] taken all reasonable care to ensure that all the facts stated in this document are true and accurate in all material respects and that there are no other material facts, or opinions, which have been omitted, which would make any part of this promotion misleading. The [firm] [scheme manager] [and its directors] accept[s] responsibility accordingly";


The name and business address of:


the EIS manager;


the promoter of the EIS ( if any);


the opening and closing dates for receipt of EIS subscriptions;


the maximum and minimum sizes, if any for; permitted individual subscriptions to the scheme;


the arrangements:


for the holding of EIS subscriptions pending investment;


for the return of subscriptions should the EIS be over-subscribed or the monies not be accepted for other reasons;


for the return of EIS subscriptions remaining uninvested at the time when the final investment of the EIS has been made or the final date for investment has passed;


any arrangements for the payment of dividends, if any, to participants in the EIS.