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CASS 1.3 General application: where?

CASS 1.3.1G

The rules in CASS 1.3 set out the maximum territorial scope of this sourcebook. Particular rules may have express territorial limitations.

UK establishments: general

CASS 1.3.2R

Except as provided for in CASS 1.2.3 R (2), CASS applies to every firm, in relation to regulated activities carried on by it from an establishment in the United Kingdom.

UK firms: passported activities from EEA branches

CASS 1.3.3R

CASS applies to every UK firm, other than an insurer, in relation to passported activities carried on by it from a branch in another EEA State.

CASS 1.3.4R

1CASS does not apply to an incoming ECA provider acting as such.