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BSOG 3.3 Terms of a Transfer

The Successor Company

BSOG 3.3.23G

The successor company does not need to have the required permission under the Act at the time of the takeover offer or the Transfer Agreement; but it must be carrying on business as a going concern. However, the subsequent obtaining of the necessary permission is a key criterion. An offer will not be credible unless the company has first obtained an indication from the Prudential Regulator or other EEA competent authority that it is prepared to authorise, or to continue the authorisation of, the successor company, upon transfer on terms which will enable it to carry on the business it will have following the transfer. As a practical matter, the authorities would find it difficult to authorise an institution whose business from the time of authorisation was not predominantly banking or deposit taking and would require to be satisfied that the parent company (if any) as controller was fit and proper.