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BIPRU TP 32 Consequential changes to the Handbook occasioned by BIPRU 12: simplified ILAS building societies




BIPRU TP 32 applies to a firm which:


as at 30 November 2009 calculates its liquidity resources in accordance with IPRU(BSOC); and


as at 1 June 2010 has a simplified ILAS waiver.


Transitional Provisions







Material to which the transitional provision applies

Transitional Provision

Transitional provision: dates in force

Handbook provisions: coming into force


The changes to IPRU(BSOC) set out in Annex F to instrument FSA 2009/68.


The changes effected by the Annex listed in column (2) do not apply.

1 June 2010 until 30 September 2010

1 December 2009