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BIPRU 5.9 Combinations of credit risk mitigation in the standardised approach


In the case where a firm calculating risk weighted exposure amounts under the standardised approach has more than one form of credit risk mitigation covering a single exposure (e.g. a firm has both collateral and a guarantee partially covering an exposure), the firm must subdivide the exposure into parts covered by each type of credit risk mitigation tool (e.g. a part covered by collateral and a portion covered by guarantee) and the risk weighted exposure amount for each portion must be calculated separately in accordance with the provisions of the standardised approach and BIPRU 5.

[Note: BCD Annex VIII Part 5 point 1]


When credit protection provided by a single protection provider has differing maturities, a similar approach to that described in BIPRU 5.9.1 R must be applied.

[Note: BCD Annex VIII Part 5 point 2]