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MCOB 11.6 Responsible lending and financing

As Published: 2012

…ntains (at MCOB 11.6.53 E to MCOB 11.6.54 G ) special provisions for mortgage lenders in relation to …
MCOB 5.6 Content of illustrations

As Published: 2004

…, the firm’s reasonable estimate; 12 (b) in any other case (for example in the case of an open-ended …
PERG 4.4 What is a regulated mortgage contract?

As Published: 2005

… or (2) a second charge loan by a credit union excluded under PERG 4.4.24 G ; or (3) a second charge bridging loan excluded under …
bridging loan

As Published: 2012

MCOB 4.7A Advised sales

As Published: 2012

…t must confirm to the customer , in a durable medium , the basis on which the advice has been given. …
MCD exempt bridging loan

As Published: 2015

PERG 4.13 Other exemptions

As Published: 2011

…ation Out of scope of the MCD by virtue of article 3(2) 4 See PERG 4.10A.5G (1) to PERG 4.10A.5G (6) …
CONC 11.1 The right to cancel

As Published: 2014

…-use credit agreement to finance the purchase of land or an existing building, or an agreement for a bridging loan in connection with the purchase of …
MCOB 4.4A Initial disclosure requirements

As Published: 2012

…4/2014 RP (1) A firm that only offers products from one part of a relevant market (for example, just …
MCOB 1.2 General application: who? what?

As Published: 2005

…MCOB 1.2.18 R 21/03/2016 RP 8 A firm that makes the election in MCOB 1.2.16 R to treat an MCD exempt …
MCOB 11.5 Purpose

As Published: 2012

…ich satisfy certain conditions. (4) This chapter also applies in relation to extending the term of a …
PERG 4.10B Regulation of buy to let lending

As Published: 2016

… the scope of the MCD 3 by virtue of the exclusions summarised in PERG 4.10A.5G (1) to (8); or (b) a bridging loan (see …
SUP 16.23 Annual Financial Crime Report

As Published: 2016

SUP 16.23 Annual Financial Crime Report

PERG 4.10A Activities within scope of the Mortgage Credit Directive

As Published: 2015

…reached in court or before another statutory authority are excluded from the MCD . (7) An MCD exempt …
PERG 4.10 Exclusions applying to more than one regulated activity

As Published: 2014

…charge, of an existing debt and is not secured by a legal or equitable mortgage ); or 6 (ii) it is a …
PERG 2.7 Activities: a broad outline

As Published: 2006

…arge, of an existing debt and is not secured by a legal or equitable mortgage ); or 37 (iii) it is a …
MCOB 10A.3 APRC: additional assumptions

As Published: 2018

…f an open-ended MCD regulated mortgage contract , other than an overdraft facility and an MCD exempt …
PERG 2.6 Specified investments: a broad outline

As Published: 2005

…credit union, exempt consumer buy-to-let mortgage contracts (see PERG 4.4.31G ) 14 and second charge bridging loans (see …
PERG 2.9 Regulated activities: exclusions applicable in certain circumstances

As Published: 2005

…harge, of an existing debt and is not secured by a legal or equitable mortgage ); or 23 (ii) it is a …
COBS 11A.2 Prohibition of future service restrictions

As Published: 2017

…ure service restrictions that: (1) are included in an agreement in writing for the firm to provide a bridging loan; and …