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TC 2.1.15RRP
Subject to TC 2.1.17 R, a firm must ensure that a retail investment adviser who has been assessed as competent for the purposes of TC 2.1.1 R remains competent by completing a minimum of 35 hours of appropriate continuing professional development in each 12 month period.1717
TC 2.1.16GRP
In order to meet the requirement in TC 2.1.15 R, a retail investment adviser should complete no less than 21 hours of structured continuing professional development activities.1717
TC 2.1.22GRP
All continuing professional development should:17(1) be relevant to the retail investment adviser's current role and any anticipated changes to that role;(2) maintain the retail investment adviser's knowledge by reference to current qualification standards relevant to the retail investment adviser's role;(3) contribute to the retail investment adviser's professional skill and knowledge;(4) address any identified gaps in the retail investment adviser's technical knowledge; (5)
TC 2.1.26RRP
A firm must ensure that a retail investment adviser confirms annually in writing that the retail investment adviser has, in the preceding 12 months:17(1) complied with APER or COCON (as applicable)20; and(2) if applicable, completed the continuing professional development required under TC 2.1.15 R. 17