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7For a full-scope UK AIFM, the senior personnel must, in complying with SYSC 4.2.1 R, be sufficiently experienced in relation to the investment strategies pursued by the AIFs it manages.[Note: article 8(1)(c) of AIFMD]
The base own funds requirement is: (1) EUR 125,000 for a firm that is a UCITS management company or a full-scope UK AIFM that is an external AIFM; and(2) EUR 300,000 for a full-scope UK AIFM that is an internally managed AIF.[Note: article 9(1), (2) and (10) of AIFMD and article 7(1)(a) of the UCITS Directive]
SUP 15.3.26RRP
15A full-scope UK AIFM must notify the FCA before implementing any material changes to the conditions under which it was granted permission to manage an AIF, in particular to the information it provided in its application for that permission. [Note: article 10(1) of AIFMD]
A collective portfolio management firm that manages an AIF is an internally managed AIF or an external AIFM. If the firm is a full-scope UK AIFM this affects the firm's base own funds requirement3 (see IPRU-INV 11.3.1R). An internally managed AIF that is a full-scope UK AIFM is not permitted to engage in activities other than the management of that AIF, whereas an external AIFM that is a full-scope UK AIFM may manage AIFs
1Subject to the exemptions in SYSC 10A.1.4R, this chapter applies to a firm:(1) that is a:(a) MiFID investment firm3; or(b) full-scope UK AIFM; or(c) small authorised UK AIFM or residual CIS operator; or(d) [deleted]3(e) UCITS management company; or(f) MiFID optional exemption firm, performing activities covered by the exemption; or(g) [deleted]3(h) third country investment firm; or(i) that carries on activities referred to in the general application rule related to:(i) commodity