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1A management company must establish and apply remuneration policies and practices for UCITS Remuneration Code staff that: (1) are consistent with and promote sound and effective risk management;(2) do not encourage risk taking which is inconsistent with the risk profiles or the instrument constituting the fund or the prospectus, as applicable, of the UCITS it manages; (3) do not impair the management company’s compliance with its duty to act in the best interests of the UCITS
(1) A management company must establish a remuneration committee if it is significant in terms of: (a) its size; or(b) the size of the UCITS that it manages; or(c) the complexity of its internal organisation; or(d) the nature, the scope and the complexity of its activities.(2) The remuneration committee must be constituted in a way that enables it to exercise competent and independent judgment on: (a) remuneration policies and practices; and(b) the incentives created for managing