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CONC 10.2.10GRP
Activities carried on by a person acting as an insolvency practitioner (within section 388 of the Insolvency Act 1986 or, as the case may be, article 3 of the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989) or by a person acting in reasonable contemplation of that person's appointment as an insolvency practitioner are excluded from the regulated activity of debt adjusting. A debt in relation to which a person is acting in such a capacity is, therefore, excluded from the calculation
CONC 10.2.12GRP
If during the following year 20% (£200) of each relevant debt under management is paid off by the borrower or hirer leaving an outstanding balance of £800 on each relevant debt under management,and during that year the firm does not carry on debt adjusting in relation to any further debts due under credit agreements or consumer hire agreements, the total value of the firm'srelevant debt under management is £8,000,000. If the firm does not carry on any other regulated activity
SUP 6.4.19GRP
The relevant regulator24 will usually not cancel a firm'sPart 4A permission24 until the firm can demonstrate that, in relation to business carried on under that permission, it has, as appropriate:2424(1) ceased carrying on regulated activities or fully run off or transferred all insurance liabilities;(2) repaid all client money and client deposits;(3) discharged custody assets and any other property belonging to clients; and(4) discharged, satisfied or resolved complaints against
SUP 6.4.22GRP
In deciding whether to cancel a firm'sPart 4A permission, the relevant regulator24 will take into account all relevant factors in relation to business carried on under that permission, including whether:24(1) there are unresolved, unsatisfied or undischarged complaints against the firm from any of its customers;(2) the firm has complied with CASS 5.5.80 R and CASS 7.11.34R 13 (Client money: discharge of fiduciary duty)24 and CASS 7.11.50 R135(Client money: allocated but unclaimed
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
PERG 8.14.31GRP
The exemption is subject to certain conditions. In broad terms, these are that the financial promotion must be accompanied by an indication:(1) that the directors or promoters of the company have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the financial promotion is true and not misleading;(2) that the directors or promoters have not limited their liability;(3) that any person who is in doubt about the investment should consult an authorised person; and(4) that:(a) the directors
(1) 8The resources of A must be appropriate in relation to the regulated activities that A carries on or seeks to carry on.(2) The matters which are relevant in determining whether A has appropriate resources include-(a) the nature and scale of the business carried on, or to be carried on, by A;(b) the risks to the continuity of the services provided by, or to be provided by, A; and(c) A’s membership of a group and any effect which that membership may have.(3) Except in a case
(1) [deleted]88(2) In this context, the FCA will interpret the term 'appropriate88' as meaning sufficient in terms of quantity, quality and availability, and 'resources' as including all financial resources (though only in the case of firms not carrying on, or seeking to carry on, a PRA-regulated activity)8, non-financial resources and means of managing its resources; for example, capital, provisions against liabilities, holdings of or access to cash and other liquid assets, human
SUP 15.3.8GRP
Compliance with Principle 11 includes, but is not limited to, giving the FCA11 notice of:3535(1) any proposed restructuring, reorganisation or business expansion which could have a significant impact on the firm's risk profile or resources, including, but not limited to:(a) setting up a new undertaking within a firm'sgroup, or a new branch (whether in the United Kingdom or overseas); or (b) commencing the provision of cross border services into a new territory; or(c) commencing
If a firm ceases to be a participant firm or carry out activities within one or more classes54 part way through a financial year6 of the compensation scheme:44(1) it will remain liable for any unpaid levies which the FSCS has already made on the firm; and41(2) the FSCS may make one or more levies4 upon it (which may be before or after the firm5 has ceased to be a participant firm or carry out activities within one or more classes5,4 but must be before it ceases to be an authorised