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SUP 15.14.6DRP
Unless the FCA directs otherwise, a notification required by regulation 105(3) of the Payment Services Regulations and SUP 15.14.3D must be submitted by the full credit institution to the FCA: (1) in the form specified in SUP 15 Annex 9D; (2) by electronic means made available by the FCA; and(3) at the same time as it informs the person referred to in SUP 15.14.3D(1) or (2) of its refusal.
SUP 14.1.3GRP
(1) Under the Gibraltar Order4 made under section 409 of the Act, a Gibraltar firm is treated as an EEA firm under Schedule 3 to the Act if it is:(a) [deleted]151313(aa) [deleted]1313(b) authorised in Gibraltar under the9CRD; or;494(c) authorised in Gibraltar under the IDD16; or4(d) authorised in Gibraltar under MiFID; or1010(e) authorised in Gibraltar under the UCITS Directive; or1210(f) authorised in Gibraltar under AIFMD.12(g) authorised in Gibraltar under the MCD14(1A) 4Similarly,
A firm or qualifying parent undertaking must notify the FCA by sending an e-mail to its usual supervisory contact.