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SUP 11.3.1BGRP
12SUP 11 Annex 6G provides guidance on when one person's holding of shares or voting power must be aggregated with that of another person for the purpose of determining whether an acquisition or increase of control will take place as contemplated by section 181 or 182 of the Act such that notice must be given to the appropriate regulator16 in accordance with section 178 of the Act before making the acquisition or increase. This will be:16(1) where those persons are acting in concert,
SUP 11.3.2GRP
Sections 178(1) and 191D(1)10 of the Act require a person (whether or not he is an authorised person) to notify the appropriate regulator16 in writing if he decides 10to acquire, increase or reduce10control or to cease to have control10 over a UK domestic firm . Failure to notify is an offence under section 191F10 of the Act (Offences under this Part).46101610101010
SUP 11.3.5AGRP
6The appropriate regulator16 recognises that firms acting as investment managers may have difficulties in complying with the prior notification requirements in sections 178 and 191D 10of the Act as a result of acquiring or disposing of listed shares in the course of that fund management activity. To ameliorate these difficulties, the appropriate regulator16 may accept pre-notification of proposed changes in control, made in accordance with SUP D, and may grant approval of such
SUP 11.3.5BDRP
6The appropriate regulator16 may treat as notice given in accordance with sections 178 and 191D16 of the Act a written notification from a firm which contains the following statements:161016(1) that the firm proposes to acquire and/or dispose of control, on one or more occasions, of any UK domestic firm whose shares or those of its ultimate parent undertaking are, at the time of the acquisition or disposal of control, listed, or which are traded or admitted to trading on a MTF
SUP 11.3.5CGRP
6Where the appropriate regulator16 approves changes in control proposed in a notice given under SUP 11.3.5B D:16(1) the controller remains subject to the requirement to notify the appropriate regulator16 when a change in control actually occurs; and16(2) the notification of change in control should be made no later than five business days after the end of each month and set out all changes in the controller's control position for each UK domestic firm for the month in question.At
SUP 11.3.7DRP
A section 178 notice10 given to the appropriate regulator16 by a person who is acquiring control or increasing his control over a UK domestic firm, in a way described in SUP 11.4.2 R (1) to (4), or acquiring control in a way described in SUP 11.4.2A R, must contain the information and be accompanied by such documents as are required by the controllers form approved by the appropriate regulator16 for the relevant application. 4610161016
SUP 11.3.10DRP
(1) A person who has submitted a section 178 notice10under SUP 11.3.7 D must notify the appropriate regulator16 immediately if he becomes aware, or has information that reasonably suggests, that he has or may have provided the appropriate regulator16 with information which was or may have been false, misleading, incomplete or inaccurate, or has or may have changed, in a material particular. The notification must include:101616(a) details of the information which is or may be false,
SUP 11.3.11GRP
The appropriate regulator16 will inform a section 178 notice giver as soon as reasonably practicable if it considers the section 178 notice to be incomplete.1065181016
SUP 11.3.12GRP
86 The appropriate regulator16 has power, under section 179(3) 10of the Act (Requirements for section 178 notices1610), to vary or waive these 10requirements in relation to a section 178 notice in particular cases 10if it considers it appropriate to do so.8881016101016108
SUP 11.3.15ADRP
10A notice given to the appropriate regulator16 by a person who is reducing or ceasing to have control over a UK domestic firm, as set out in SUP 11.4.2Ror SUP 11.4.2A R must:16(1) be in writing; and(2) provide details of the extent of control (if any) which the controller will have following the change in control.
SUP 11.3.17GRP
6Notifications to the appropriate regulator16 by proposed controllers and controllers under Part XII of the Act may be made on a joint basis outlined in SUP 11.5.8 G to SUP 11.5.10 G.1610
SUP 18.4.2GRP
Friendly societies are encouraged to discuss a proposed transfer or amalgamation with the appropriate authority2, at an early stage to help ensure that a workable timetable is developed. This is particularly important where there are notification requirements for supervisory authorities in states1 other than the United Kingdom, or for an amalgamation where additional procedures are required.2
SUP 18.4.23GRP
Under the Friendly Societies Act 1992:(1) when the members of a transferor society have approved the transfer of its engagements by passing a special resolution and the transferee has approved the transfer (by passing a resolution where the transferee is a friendly society); or(2) when two or more societies have approved a proposed amalgamation by passing a special resolution;it, or they jointly, must then obtain confirmation by the appropriate authority2 of the transfer. Notice
SUP 18.4.24GRP
SUP 18.4.25GRP
The criteria that the appropriate authority2 must use in determining whether to confirm a proposed amalgamation or transfer are set out in schedule 15 to the Friendly Societies Act 1992. These criteria include that:2(1) confirmation must not be given if the appropriate authority2 considers that:2(a) there is a substantial risk that the successor society or transferee will be unable lawfully to carry out the engagements to be transferred to it;(b) information material to the members'
SUP 18.4.29GRP
Written representations, or written notice of a person's intention to make oral representations, or both, are required to reach the appropriate authority2 by the date published in the relevant Gazettes and other newspapers. Those giving notice of intent to make oral representations are advised to state the nature and general grounds of the oral representations they intend to make. Persons who make written representations but subsequently decide also to make oral representations
SUP 18.4.33GRP
The hearing referred to in SUP 18.4.30 G will be at a time and place that will be notified to the participants and will be conducted by the appropriate authority's2 representatives. The hearing may last longer than one day and may be adjourned. The appropriate authority2 will try to tell participants when they may expect to make their representations and when the society may be expected to respond.22
BIPRU 7.10.37RRP
In aggregating VaR measures across risk or product categories, a firm must not use the square root of the sum of the squares approach unless the assumption of zero correlation between these categories is empirically justified. If correlations between risk categories are not empirically justified, the VaR measures for each category must simply be added in order to determine its aggregate VaR measure. But to the extent that a firm'sVaR model permission provides for a different way
3If the results of the stress tests carried out in accordance with BIPRU 7.10.55Z R indicate a material shortfall in the amount of capital required under the all price risk measure, a firm must notify the appropriate regulator of this circumstance by no later than two business days after the business day on which the material shortfall occurred.
BIPRU 7.10.95GRP
Backtesting of hypothetical profit and loss figures is also3 used for model validation and for reporting to the appropriate regulator.3
BIPRU 7.10.104RRP
If a backtesting exception occurs, the firm must notify its usual supervisory contact at the appropriate regulator orally by close of business two business days after the business day for which the backtesting exception occurred. Within five business days following the end of each Month, the firm must submit to the appropriate regulator a written account of the previous Month'sbacktesting exceptions (if any). This explanation must include the causes of the backtesting exceptions,
BIPRU 7.10.128GRP
A VaR model permission will contain requirements for what the firm should report to the appropriate regulator and the procedures for reporting. The precise requirements will vary from VaR model permission to VaR model permission. BIPRU 7.10.129R-BIPRU 7.10.130R set out what the appropriate regulator regards as the standard requirements.
BIPRU 7.10.148RRP
If a firm ceases to meet the conditions or requirements in its VaR model permission or BIPRU 7.10 it must notify the appropriate regulator at once.
SUP 11.4.2RRP
A UK domestic firm,4 other than a non-directive firm, 4must notify the appropriate regulator6 of any of the following events concerning the firm:146(1) a person acquiring control;4(2) an existing controller increasing control4; 4(3) an existing controller reducing control4; 4(4) an existing controller ceasing to have control4.44
SUP 11.4.2ARRP
1A non-directive firm4(including, in the case of an FCA-authorised person, a firm with only a limited permission) 5must notify the appropriate regulator6 of any of the following events concerning the firm:46(1) a person becoming controller of the firm; or44(2) an existing controller ceasing to be controller of the firm.444
SUP 11.4.4RRP
An overseas firm must notify the appropriate regulator6 if a person becomes a controller of the firm, increases or reduces control over the firm or ceases to have control over the firm464
SUP 11.4.8GRP
Principle 11 requires firms to be open and cooperative with the appropriate regulator6. A firm should discuss with the appropriate regulator6, at the earliest opportunity, any prospective changes of which it is aware, in a controller's4or proposed controller's4shareholdings or voting power (if the change is material). These discussions may take place before the formal notification requirement in SUP 11.4.2 R or SUP 11.4.4 R arises. (See also SUP 11.3.2 G). As a minimum, the appropriate
SUP 11.4.11GRP
The steps that the appropriate regulator6 expects a firm to take to comply with SUP 11.4.10 R include, if applicable:6(1) monitoring its register of shareholders (or equivalent);(2) monitoring notifications to the firm in accordance with Part 223 of the Companies Act 20063;33(3) monitoring public announcements made under the relevant disclosure provisions of the Takeover Code or other rules made by the Takeover Panel;2(4) monitoring the entitlement of delegates, or persons with
SUP 18.2.49GRP
Where the transferee is a friendly society, the notice should include information about the meeting at which a special resolution in accordance with paragraph 7 of Schedule 12 to the Friendly Societies Act 1992 is to be voted on, including the date of the meeting, how notice of the meeting is to be given to members and the terms of the special resolution. After the meeting the friendly society should inform the appropriate regulator8 whether the special resolution has been passed.
SUP 11.8.2GRP
In assessing whether a matter should be notified to the appropriate regulator9 under SUP 11.8.1 R (1), SUP 11.8.1 R (2) or SUP 11.8.1 R (3), a firm should have regard to the guidance on satisfying the threshold conditions set out in paragraphs 2E and 3D of Schedule 6 to the Act9 contained in COND 2.5.99
SUP 11.8.3GRP
In respect of SUP 11.8.1 R (3), the appropriate regulator9 considers that, in particular, the removal or replacement of a majority of the members of a governing body (in a single event or a series of connected events) is a substantial change and should be notified.9
SUP 11.8.4GRP
If a matter has already been notified to the appropriate regulator9 (for example, as part of the firm's application for a Part 4A permission9), the firm need only inform the appropriate regulator9 of any significant developments.99
SUP 11.8.5GRP
The level of a firm's awareness of its controller's circumstances will depend on its relationship with that controller. The appropriate regulator9 does not expect firms to implement systems or procedures so as to be certain of any changes in its controllers' circumstances. However, the appropriate regulator9 does expect firms to notify it of such matters if the firm becomes aware of them, and it expects firms to make enquiries of its controllers if it becomes aware that one of
SUP 11.5.1RRP

Information to be submitted by the firm (see SUP 11.4.7 R (2)(a))


The name of the firm;


the name of the controller or proposed controller and, if it is a body corporate and is not an authorised person, the names of its directors and its controllers;


a description of the proposed event including the shareholding and voting power of the person concerned, both before and after the change in control; and5


any other information of which the appropriate regulator7 would reasonably expect notice.5

SUP 11.5.8GRP
A firm and its controller or proposed controller may discharge an obligation to notify the appropriate regulator7 by submitting a single joint section 178 notice5containing the information required from the firm and the controller or proposed controller. In this case, the section 178 notice53 may be used on behalf of both the firm and the controller or proposed controller.75355
SUP 11.5.10GRP
When an event occurs (for example, a group restructuring or a merger) as a result of which: (1) more than one firm in a group would undergo a change in control; or(2) a single firm would experience more than one change in control;then, to avoid duplication of documentation, all the firms and their controllers or proposed controllers may discharge their respective obligations to notify the appropriate regulator7 by submitting a single section 178 notice5 to the PRA7 containing
SUP 6.3.8GRP
(1) Where a firm is submitting an application for variation of Part 4A permission27 which would lead to a change in the controlled functions of its approved persons, it should, at the same time and as appropriate:27(a) make an application for an internal transfer of an approved person, Form E (Internal transfer of a person performing a controlled function22), or make an application for an individual to perform additional controlled functions, the relevant11 Form A (Application
SUP 6.3.15DRP
(1) Subject to (1A), a17firm other than a credit union wishing to make an application under SUP 6 must apply online using the forms specified on the online notification and application system21. 1417272727181814(1A) A firm wishing to make an application under SUP 6 which covers only credit-related regulated activities must submit any form, notice or application by using the form in SUP 6 Annex 5 and submitting it in the way set out in SUP 15.7.4 R to SUP 15.7.9 G (Form and method
SUP 3.8.10GRP
(1) Auditors are subject to regulations made by the Treasury under sections 342(5) and 343(5) of the Act (Information given by auditor or actuary to a regulator). Section 343 and the regulations also apply to an auditor of an authorised person in his capacity as an auditor of a person who has close links with the authorised person.3(2) These regulations oblige auditors to report certain matters to the appropriate regulator. Sections 342(3) and 343(3) of the Act provide that an
SUP 3.8.11RRP
An auditor must notify the appropriate regulator without delay if he:(1) is removed from office by a firm; or(2) resigns before his term of office expires; or(3) is not re-appointed by a firm.
SUP 15.5.7RRP
A firm must notify the FCA4 immediately if it becomes subject to or ceases to be subject to the supervision of any overseas regulator (including a Home State regulator). 1010
SUP 15.5.9RRP
(1) 2A firm other than:55(a) a credit union; or5(b) an FCA-authorised person with permission to carry on only credit-related regulated activity;5must submit any notice under6SUP 15.5.1R, SUP 15.5.4Rand10SUP 15.5.5 R3 by submitting the form in SUP 15 Ann 3R online at the FCA's4 website.101010(2) A credit union or an FCA-authorised person with permission to carry on only credit-related regulated activity (other than a firm with only an interim permission to which the modifications
SUP 11.2.3GRP
As the approval of the appropriate regulator6 is not required under the Act for a new controller of an overseas firm, the notification rules on such firms are less prescriptive than they are for UK domestic firms. Nevertheless, the appropriate regulator6 still needs to monitor such an overseas firm's continuing satisfaction of the threshold conditions, which normally includes consideration of a firm's connection with any person, including its controllers and parent undertakings
SUP 11.2.4GRP
As part of the appropriate regulator's6 function of monitoring a firm's continuing satisfaction of the threshold conditions, the appropriate regulator6 needs to consider the impact of any significant change in the circumstances of one or more of its controllers, for example, in their financial standing and, in respect of corporate controllers, in their governing bodies. Consequently, the appropriate regulator6 needs to know if there are any such changes. SUP 11.8 therefore requires
SUP 11.2.5GRP
Similarly, the appropriate regulator6 needs to monitor a firm's continuing satisfaction of the6threshold conditions6 set out in paragraphs 3B, 4F and 5F of Schedule 6 to the Act (as applicable) (in relation to threshold conditions for which the FCA is responsible,6 see COND 2.32), which requires that a firm's close links are not likely to prevent the appropriate regulator's6 effective supervision of that firm. Accordingly the appropriate regulator6 needs to be notified of any
SUP 15.7.9GRP
Firms wishing to communicate with the FCA4 by electronic mail or fax should obtain the appropriate address or number from the FCA4appropriate regulator.7777
SUP 15.13.7GRP
The MCD Order requires notification to be given immediately. The FCA expects CBTL firms to act with all due urgency in notifying it of any relevant event, and it is unlikely that the FCA will regard delay in excess of 5 working days as complying with the CBTL firm's obligations.
SUP 11.6.1GRP
Firms are reminded that SUP 15.6.4 R requires them to notify the appropriate regulator4 if information notified under SUP 11.4.2 R, SUP 11.4.2A R3 or SUP 11.4.4 R was false, misleading, inaccurate, incomplete, or changes, in a material particular. This would include a firm becoming aware of information that it would have been required to provide under SUP 11.5.1 R if it had been aware of it.144
COLL 12.4.1RRP
(1) This section applies to:(a) an authorised fund manager of an AUT, ACS1 or ICVC;(b) any other director of an ICVC; and(c) an ICVC;which is a UCITS scheme whose units may be marketed in another EEA State (the Host State).(2) The marketing of units of a UCITS scheme in the Host State may not commence until the FCA has, in accordance with paragraph 20B(5) (Notice of intention to market) of Schedule 3 to the Act, notified the authorised fund manager, in response to the application
COLL 12.4.8RRP
(1) The authorised fund manager of a UCITS scheme whose units are being marketed in a Host State must ensure that an electronic copy of each document referred to in COLL 12.4.4 R (1) is made available on: (a) the website of the UCITS scheme or the authorised fund manager; or(b) another website designated by the authorised fund manager in the notification letter submitted to the FCA under paragraph 20B of Schedule 3 to the Act or any updates to it. (2) Any document that is made
SUP 16.5.2GRP
A firm is required to notify the appropriate regulator of changes to its close links (see SUP 11.9). The effective supervision threshold conditions provide that, if a firm has close links with another person, the matters which are relevant in determining whether a firm satisfies the condition of being capable of being effective supervised include:1111(1) the nature of the relationship between the firm and that person;1111(2) whether those links or that relationship are likely
SUP 16.5.3GRP
The purposes of the rules and guidance in this section are:(1) to ensure that, in addition to such notifications, the appropriate regulator11 receives regular and comprehensive information about the identities of all persons with whom a firm has close links, which is relevant to a firm's continuing to satisfy the effective supervision threshold conditions11 and to the protection of consumers; and1111(2) to implement certain requirements relating to the provision of information