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SUP 11.3.5CGRP
6Where the appropriate regulator16 approves changes in control proposed in a notice given under SUP 11.3.5B D:16(1) the controller remains subject to the requirement to notify the appropriate regulator16 when a change in control actually occurs; and16(2) the notification of change in control should be made no later than five business days after the end of each month and set out all changes in the controller's control position for each UK domestic firm for the month in question.At
SUP 11.4.2RRP
A UK domestic firm,4 other than a non-directive firm, 4must notify the appropriate regulator6 of any of the following events concerning the firm:146(1) a person acquiring control;4(2) an existing controller increasing control4; 4(3) an existing controller reducing control4; 4(4) an existing controller ceasing to have control4.44