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SUP 15.11.18GRP
When considering whether to make a notification pursuant to2section 64C of the Act, a firm should also consider whether a notification should be made under any notification rules, including, without limitation, any notification rules that require a notification to be made to the PRA.
SUP 15.6.2GRP
SUP 15.6.1 R applies also in relation to rules outside this chapter, and even if they are not notification rules. Examples of rules and chapters to which SUP 15.6.1 R is relevant, are:(1) Principle 11, and the guidance on Principle 11 in SUP 2 (Information gathering by the FCA and PRA99 on their9 own initiative);9(2) SUP 15 (Notifications to the FCA3):99(3) SUP 16 (Reporting requirements); (4) [deleted]81(5) any notification rule (see Schedule 2 which contains a consolidated summary
SUP 10C.10.9DRP
(1) A firm must use Form E (SUP 10C Annex 7D6) where an approved person:6(a) is both permanently10 ceasing to perform one or more controlled functions; and6(b) needs to be approved in relation to one or more FCA-designated senior management function;6within the same firm or group.(2) A firm must not use Form E if the approved person has never before been approved to perform for any firm:(a) an FCA controlled function that is a significant-influence function8;(b) an FCA-designated