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SUP 10C.12.32GRP
It is not FCA policy to impose role-limited approvals routinely for all firms or for a certain category of firm. For example, there is no blanket policy that approval of a candidate for a post in a small firm would be subject to a qualification based on the firm remaining small.
SUP 10C.12.35GRP
(1) Very often it will be uncertain whether a change in circumstances will happen at all, the details may not yet be known or the timing may be uncertain.(2) In that case, the FCA may, subject to (3), make its judgement based on the candidate's proposed role, without taking into account the possible change. This reflects the fact that the judgement of whether a candidate is fit and proper takes into account the role that they are actually going to play.(3) However, to reflect
SUP 10C.12.38GRP
Another way of dealing with a firm that plans to reorganise itself but has not made a firm decision to do so or worked out the details, is to make the approval subject to the condition that the nature or scope of the candidate's role should not change. The firm could apply for the condition to be removed once the plans are ready to be carried out.
1A firm3 assessing the continuing fitness and propriety of staff being assessed under FIT should assess the role that the individual is actually performing at the time the assessment is done. For this purpose, the assessor(s) should be provided with an up-to-date job description for that individual in advance of the assessment.2