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REC 2.2.4GRP
If a UK recognised body makes arrangements for functions to be performed on its behalf by persons who are authorised persons or recognised bodies, this does not alter its obligations under Regulation 6.[Note: MiFID RTS 7 contains further requirements for a trading venue whose systems enable algorithmic trading when outsourcing all or part of its functions]5
REC 2.2.6GRP
In determining whether the UK recognised body meets the recognition requirement in Regulation 6(3), the FCA3 may have regard to whether that body has ensured that the person who performs that function on its behalf:3(1) has sufficient resources to be able to perform the function (after allowing for any other activities);(2) has adequate systems and controls to manage that function and to report on its performance to the UK recognised body;(3) is managed by persons of sufficient
REC 2.2.7GRP
In determining whether a UK recognised body continues to satisfy the recognition requirements where it has made arrangements for any function to be performed on its behalf by any person , the FCA3 may have regard, in addition to any of the matters described in the appropriate section of this chapter, to the arrangements made to exercise control over the performance of the function, including:3(1) the contracts (and other relevant documents) between the UK recognised body and the
REC 3.13.1-1GRP
3The notification requirements in MiFID RTS 7, specifying organisational requirements of regulated markets allowing algorithmic trading through their systems, apply to a UK RIE where those operational functions are to be outsourced.