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1Where possible, the director or senior manager who signs the annual confirmation should be the same director or senior manager who has verified the application for registration under RCB 2.2.6 D. If the director or senior manager is different to the director or senior manager who verified the application for registration, the issuer should notify the FCA at least one month before sending the confirmation to the FCA.
RCB 3.2.10DRP
If the issuer is in insolvency, the owner must send the FCA under RCB 3.2.1 D:(1) a confirmation of compliance within one month of the date of insolvency; and(2) annual confirmations by the same dates as the date the confirmations under RCB 3.2.5 D are due.
RCB 3.2.14GRP
1As required under Regulation 17A of the RCB Regulations, if it appears to the asset pool monitor that the issuer or owner (as the case may be) has failed to comply with the requirements set out in Regulations 17 or 24 of the RCB Regulations, or has not provided all relevant information or explanations, the asset pool monitor must report that to the FCA in writing as soon as possible.
RCB 3.2.15GRP
1If the asset pool monitor is changed, the issuer (or owner, as the case may be) should notify the FCA when the new asset pool monitor is appointed, giving the name of the new asset pool monitor and details of the reason for the change.
RCB 3.5.4DRP
If an issuer proposes to make a material change to the contractual terms of a regulated covered bond, it must inform the FCA of the following information to the FCA at least 3 months before the proposed date of the change:(1) details of the proposed change including proposed date of change and the reasons for it;(2) an assessment of the impact of the change on the ability of the issuer and owner to continue to comply with their requirements under the RCB Regulations and RCB; and
RCB 3.5.6DRP
The issuer or the owner, as the case may be, must notify the FCA immediately, in writing by e-mail or hand-delivered letter, if Regulation 18(2), or 24(1)(c) of the RCB Regulations (obligation to inform FCA if asset pool not capable, or not likely to be capable of covering claims) is triggered.
RCB 3.5.7DRP
The issuer or the owner, as the case may be, must notify the FCA immediately in writing by e-mail, or hand-delivered letter, if requirements relating to the relevant regulated covered bond under the RCB Regulations or RCB are, or are likely to be, materially breached, or of any other matter which the FCA should be made aware of.
RCB 3.5.9DRP
1The issuer must notify the FCA if it proposes to cancel in full or in part a regulated covered bond or programme at least 3 business days before the cancellation will take effect.
RCB 3.5.11DRP
1The issuer must publish the asset notification form sent to the FCA under RCB 3.3.1 D.
LR 5.2.5RRP
Subject to 41LR 5.2.7 R, LR 5.2.10 R, LR 5.2.11A R9 and LR 5.2.12 R, 1an issuer with a premium listing4that wishes the FCA to cancel the listing of any of its 5securities11 with a premium listing4must:11114(1) send a circular to the holders of the relevant securities11.9 The circular must:9(a) comply with the requirements of LR 13.3.1 R and LR 13.3.2 R (contents of all circulars);(b) be submitted to the FCA for approval prior to publication; and(c) include the anticipated date
LR 5.2.8RRP
An issuer that wishes the FCA to cancel the listing of listed securities (other than securities11 with a premium listing41) must notify a RIS, giving at least 20 business days notice of the intended cancellation but is not required to obtain the approval of the holders of those securities contemplated in LR 5.2.5 R (2) or (2A)11.15144
RCB 2.3.2GRP
(1) The FCA's application form covers both issuer registration and covered bond registration as the FCA will not normally consider applications for issuer registration in isolation from the application for registration of the covered bond.(2) An issuer which has been admitted to the register of issuers should use the same form to apply for registration of subsequent covered bonds or programmes.(3) The issuer does not need to apply for registration of individual issuances from
LR 5.4A.3RRP
(1) If an issuer wishes to transfer the5 category of its5listing it must notify the FCA of the proposal.2(2) The notification must be made as early as possible and in any event not less than 20 business days before it sends the circular required under LR 5.4A.4 R (2)(a) or publishes the announcement required under LR 5.4A.5 R (2).(3) The notification must include:(a) an explanation of why the issuer is seeking the transfer;(b) if a sponsor's letter is not required under LR 8.4.14R(1),
LR 5.4A.10RRP
If an issuer has initially notified the FCA under LR 5.4A.3 R it may apply to the FCA to transfer the listing of its securities5 from one category to another. The application must include:2(1) the issuer's name;(2) details of the securities5 to which the transfer relates;2(3) the date on which the issuer wishes the transfer to take effect;(4) a copy of any circular, announcement or other document on which the issuer is relying;(5) if relevant, evidence of any resolution required
RCB 3.3.1DRP
The issuer must send to the FCA, information relating to the asset pool, in the form set out in RCB 3 Annex 2D (asset notification form), and information relating to the regulated covered bonds issued under the programme, in the form set out in RCB 3 Annex 3 D (asset and liability profile form).1
RCB 3.3.2DRP
The issuer must send the asset notification form1 to the FCA each month following the registration date, and the asset and liability profile form to the FCA1 within one month of the end of each quarter following the registration date.1
RCB 3.3.5DRP
1If the issuer or the owner (as the case may be) proposes to add or remove assets to or from the asset pool which change the level of over collateralisation by 5% or more, it must notify the FCA using the form set out in RCB 3 Annex 2 D (asset notification form) at least 5 business days prior to the proposed transfer, giving expected details of the size and composition of the transfer.
LR 17.3.1RRP
(1) An issuer must forward to the FCA for publication a copy7 of any document required by LR 17.3 or LR 17.4 at the same time the document is issued, by uploading it to the national storage mechanism7.(2) An issuer must notify a RIS as soon as possible when a document has been forwarded to the FCA under paragraph (1) unless the full text of the document is provided to the RIS.(3) A notification made under paragraph (2) must set out where copies of the relevant document can be
LR 3.4.5RRP
11If confirmation of the number of securities to be issued pursuant to a board resolution cannot be submitted to the FCA by the deadline set out in LR 3.4.4 R or, the number of securities to be admitted is lower than the number notified under LR 3.4.4 R, written confirmation of the number of securities to be issued or admitted must be provided to the FCA by the applicant at least one hour before the admission to listing is to become effective.
RCB 3.6.1RRP
If an issuer or owner does not provide the notifications to the FCA required by directions made under this chapter by the date specified, then that issuer or owner must pay to the FCA an administrative fee of £250.
RCB 3.6.5DRP
Unless otherwise stated, the issuer or the owner, as the case may be, must send the relevant forms and information to theFCA3marked for the attention of the "Regulated Covered Bonds Team2" by email to [deleted]3(2) [deleted]3(3) [deleted]3
LR 3.5.5RRP
(1) An applicant applying for admission to listing by way of a block listing must notify an RIS of the number and type of securities that are the subject of the block listing application and the circumstances of their issue.(2) The notification in paragraph (1) must be made by 9 a.m. on the day the FCA is to consider the application.
LR 3.5.6RRP
Every six months the applicant must notify a RIS of the details of the number of securities covered by the block listing which have been allotted in the previous six months, using the Block Listing Six Monthly Return.1Note: A copy of the Block Listing Six Monthly Return can be found on the Primary Markets3 section of the FCA website.
3Where an issuer or person is required to file regulated information under DTR 6.2.2R, the issuer or person must, at the same time, notify the following to the FCA: (1) the legal entity identifier (LEI) of the issuer concerned; and(2) the classifications relevant to the regulated information using the classes and sub-classes in DTR 6 Annex 1R.
3If more than one classification is relevant to the regulated information, the issuer or person must notify all relevant classes and sub-classes to the FCA.
LR 5.3.1RRP
A request by an issuer for the listing of its securities to be suspended or cancelled must be in writing and must include:(1) the issuer's name;(2) details of the securities to which it relates and the RIEs on which they are traded;(3) a clear explanation of the background and reasons for the request;(4) the date on which the issuer requests the suspension or cancellation to take effect;(5) for a suspension, the time the issuer wants the suspension to take effect;(6) if relevant,
LR 5.3.7GRP
(1) If an issuer requests the FCA to suspend or cancel the listing of its securities, it may withdraw its request at any time before the suspension or cancellation takes effect. The withdrawal request should initially be made by telephone and then confirmed in writing as soon as possible, with an explanation of the reasons for the withdrawal.(2) Even if an issuer withdraws its request, the FCA may still suspend or cancel the listing of the securities if it considers it is necessary
LR 8.7.8RRP
A sponsor must notify the FCA in writing as soon as possible if:(1) 8(a) 8the sponsor ceases to satisfy the criteria for approval as a sponsor set out in LR 8.6.5 R or becomes aware of any matter which, in its reasonable opinion, would be relevant to the FCA in considering whether the sponsor continues to comply with LR 8.6.6 R; or(b) 8the sponsor becomes aware of any fact or circumstance relating to the sponsor or any of its employees engaged in the provision of sponsor services
REC 4.2D.10GRP
LR 1.3.3RRP
An issuer must take reasonable care to ensure that any information it notifies to a RIS or makes available through the FCA is not misleading, false or deceptive and does not omit anything likely to affect the import of the information.
LR 19.4.11AGRP
1An issuer, whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market, should consider its obligations under DTR 4 (Periodic financial reporting), DTR 5 (Vote holder and issuer notification rules) and DTR 6 (Access to information).