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PERG 8.14.21GRP
This exemption disapplies the restriction in section 21 of the Act from non-real time financial promotions or solicited real time financial promotions which are made to a person who the communicator believes on reasonable grounds to be a 16high net worth individual and which relate to certain investments. These investments must be either:7(1) shares in or debentures or alternative debentures7 of an unlisted company; or(2) warrants,certificates representing certain securities,
PERG 8.21.9GRP
A 'relevant investment' in article 43 means:(1) shares or debentures or alternative debentures;3 and(2) warrants and certificates representing certain securities relating to (1) and issued by G or a person acting on behalf of or under arrangements made with C.Article 43 allows a company to communicate a financial promotion to its shareholders about rights issues or a cash offer by a third party for their shares. It also allows a company to communicate with its creditors about
PERG 8.21.12GRP
Article 59 imposes certain conditions.(1) The financial promotion must be an inducement and not be an invitation or amount to advice to acquire or dispose of an investment.(2) The inducement must not relate to any investment other than shares or debentures or alternative debentures3 issued, or to be issued, by1 the company making the financial promotion (or a member of its group) or warrants relating to or certificates representing such shares or debentures or alternative debentures.3(3)
PERG 8.21.13GRP
Article 67 exempts any financial promotion other than an unsolicited real time financial promotion which relates to shares, debentures, alternative debentures3, government and public securities, warrants or certificates representing certain securities which are permitted to be traded or dealt in on a relevant market. A relevant market for the purposes of article 67 is one which meets the criteria in Part I of, or is specified in or established under the rules of an exchange specified
PERG 8.21.17GRP
Article 69 is somewhat1 similar to article 59 in the conditions it imposes (see PERG 8.21.12 G). There1 are two main differences between article 69 and article 59.1(1) Article 69 does not apply to unsolicited real time financial promotions.(2) The requirement in article 59 that the financial promotion be accompanied by accounts or a report is replaced in article 69. It is replaced by a requirement that shares or debentures or alternative debentures3 of the company or another body