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Article 25 of the Regulated Activities Order (Arranging deals in investments) describes two types of regulated activities concerned with arranging deals in respect of contracts of insurance. These are:(1) arranging (bringing about) deals in investments (article 25(1) (Arranging deals in investments)); and(2) making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments (article 25(2) (Arranging deals in investments)).
PERG 5.6.12GRP
Article 28 of the Regulated Activities Order (Arranging transactions to which the arranger is a party) excludes from the regulated activities in article 25(1) and 25(2) arrangements made for or with a view to contracts of insurance when:(1) the person (P) making the arrangements is the only policyholder; or(2) P, as a result of the transaction, would become the only policyholder.
PERG 5.6.16GRP
The restriction in the scope of article 28 raises an issue where there is a trust with co-trustees, where each trustee will be a policyholder with equal rights and obligations. If the activities of one of the trustees include arranging in respect of contracts of insurance, that trustee could be viewed as arranging on behalf of his co-trustees who will also be policyholders. Similar issues also arise in respect of trustees assisting in the administration and performance of a contract
PERG 5.6.17GRP
Article 33 of the Regulated Activities Order (Introducing) excludes arrangements which would otherwise fall under article 25(2) where:(1) they are arrangements under which persons will be introduced to another person;(2) the person to whom introductions are to be made is:(a) an authorised person; or(b) an exempt person acting in the course of business comprising a regulated activity in relation to which they are1 exempt; or(c) a person who is not unlawfully carrying on regulated
Advice about contracts of insurance will come within the regulated activity in article 53(1)2 of the Regulated Activities Order only if it relates to a particular contract of insurance. So, generic or general advice will not fall under article 53(1)2. In particular:(1) advice would come within article 53(1)2 if it took the form of a recommendation that a person should buy the ABC Insurers motor insurance;(2) advice would not relate to a particular contract if it consists of a
PERG 5.8.13GRP
The requirements imposed by the IDD3 (see PERG 5.2.5 G (Approach to implementation of the IMD)) and the text of article 2.3 IDD3 articles 2.1(1), 2.1(2) and 2. 2 in PERG 5.16.1 G3are narrower than the scope of the Regulated Activities Order (see PERG 5.2.7 G (Approach to implementation of the IDD)). Unlike3 the Regulated Activities Order, they do not relate to the assignment of contracts of insurance. This is of relevance to, amongst others, persons involved in the 'second-hand'
The regulated activity of dealing in investments as agent applies to specified transactions relating to any security or to any relevant investment. The26 activity is cut back by exclusions as follows.(1) An exclusion applies to certain transactions entered into by an agent who is not an authorised person which depend on him dealing with (or through) an authorised person. It does not apply if the transaction relates to a contract of insurance. There are certain conditions which
3The exclusions in the Regulated Activities Order that relate to the various arranging activities are as follows.(-1) 25Under article 24A(2), an activity that would otherwise be both arranging and bidding in emissions auctions is specifically excluded from arranging because the activity of bidding in emissions auctions does not form part of any other regulated activity (see PERG 2.7.6DG). 228(1) Under article 26, arrangements that do not or would not bring about the transaction
The exclusions from the regulated activity of safeguarding and administering investments are as follows.(1) Safeguarding and administration activities carried on by one person are excluded if a specified third party undertakes a responsibility for the assets which is no less onerous than it would have been if he were doing the safeguarding and administration himself. The effect of this is that an authorised person with permission to carry on this regulated activity (or in certain
PERG 5.11.6GRP
(1) The5 exclusion for groups and joint enterprises in article 69 of the Regulated Activities Order (Groups and joint enterprises) does not apply to transactions relating to contracts of insurance. This will affect5 a company providing services for:(a) other members of its group; or(b) other participants in a joint enterprise of which it is a participant.(2) Such companies might typically provide risk or treasury management or administration services which may include regulated
PERG 5.11.13GRP
Article 72B (see also PERG 5.3.7 G (Connected contracts of insurance)) may be of relevance to persons who supply non-motor goods or services5 or provide services related to travel in the course of carrying on a profession or business which does not otherwise consist of carrying on regulated activities. In the FCA's view, the fact that a person may carry on regulated activities in the course of the carrying on of a profession or business does not, of itself, mean that the profession
PERG 2.9.24GRP
(1) 12Subject to (2), (3) and (4),15 the exclusions apply, in relation to any activity carried on by a local authority.15(2) The exclusion relating to the regulated activities of:(a) dealing in investments as agents;(b) arranging (bringing about) deals in investments;(c) making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments;(d) assisting in the administration and performance of a contract of insurance; and(e) advising on investments;applies to any activity carried on
Article 72B of the Regulated Activities Order (Activities carried on by a provider of relevant goods or services) excludes from FCA regulation certain regulated activities carried on by providers of non-motor goods or services3 and services related to travel in relation to contracts of insurance that satisfy a number of conditions. Details about the scope of this exclusion can be found at PERG 5.11.13 G to PERG 5.11.14G (Activities carried on by a provider of relevant goods or
For an activity to be a regulated activity, it must be carried on in relation to 'specified investments' (see section 22 of the Act Regulated activities) and Part III of the Regulated Activities Order (Specified investments)). For the purposes of insurance distribution activity3, specified investments include the following 'relevant investments' defined in article 3(1) of the Regulated Activities Order (Interpretation):(1) rights under any contract of insurance (see article 75
SUP App 3.9.7GRP

Table 2B: Insurance Distribution14Directive2 Activities/Examples14


Part II RAO Activities

Part III RAO Investments


Proposing14 or carrying out other work preparatory to the conclusion of contracts of insurance or reinsurance14.

Articles 25, 53(1)10 and 64

Articles 75, 89 (see Note 1)


Advising on contracts of insurance or reinsurance

Articles 53(1) and 64

Articles 75, 89


Concluding contracts of insurance or reinsurance14

Articles 21, 25, 53(1)10 and 64

Articles 75, 89


Assisting in the administration and performance of contracts of insurance or reinsurance14, in particular in the event of a claim.

Articles 39A, 64

Articles 75, 89


Provision of information concerning one or more insurance contracts in accordance with criteria selected by customers through a website or other media and the compilation of an insurance product ranking list, including price and product comparison, or a discount on the price of an insurance contract, when the customer is able to directly or indirectly conclude an insurance contract using a website or other media.

Articles 21, 25, (where this involves the provision of advice) 53(1), and 64.

Articles 75, 89

Note 1. Rights to or interests in life policies are specified investments under Article 89 of the Regulated Activities Order, but rights to or interests in general insurance contracts are not.

14Note 2. Row 4 in Table 2B includes text that appears in article 2.1(1) of the IDD. These activities are not considered to be separate, discrete activities under the IDD but rather are included by way of an example of what constitutes insurance distribution. They have been included in this table for completeness, together with an indication of the Part II RAO activities and Part III RAO investments that may be relevant. This is to indicate, including for firms considering undertaking passport activities under the IDD, how these examples may relate to regulated activities and specified investments.

3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444