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SUP 16.8.4RRP
1In this section, and in SUP 16 Annex 6R:9(1) '12 month report' means the part of a persistency report or data report reporting on life policies or stakeholder pensions effected in Y-2, '24 month report' means the part of a persistency report or data report reporting on life policies or stakeholder pensions effected in Y-3, and so on;(2) 'CC' means the number of life policies or stakeholder pensions which: (a) were effected during the period to which the calculation relates; and(b)
SUP 16.8.11RRP
(1) 1A life policy or stakeholder pension which was issued in substitution for a similar contract may be treated as being effected on the inception date of the previous life policy or stakeholder pension, provided that the firm is satisfied that no loss to the policyholder is attributable to the substitution.10(2) A stakeholder pension which is treated as in (1) is a "substitute" stakeholder pension. A "new" stakeholder pension is any other stakeholder pension.
SUP 16.8.13RRP
1A persistency or data report must not report on any of the following:(1) a life policy or stakeholder pension that was cancelled from inception whether or not this was as a result of service of a notice under the rules on cancellation (COBS 15)5;5(2) [deleted]77(3) a life policy (excluding income withdrawal) or stakeholder pension which has terminated as a result of death, critical illness, retirement, maturity or other completion of the contract term;(4) income withdrawals that
An option exists where a policyholder is given a choice between alternative forms of benefit, for example, a choice between receiving a cash benefit upon maturity or an annuity at a guaranteed rate. In some cases, the contract may designate one or other of these alternatives as the principal benefit and any other as an option. This designation, in itself, is not one of substance in the context of reserving since it does not affect the policyholder's choices. Other forms of option
PERG 5.11.3GRP
The5 following exclusions do not apply if they concern transactions relating to contracts of insurance:(1) dealing in investments as agent with or through authorised persons (article 22 of the Regulated Activities Order (Deals with or through authorised persons));(2) arranging transactions to which the arranger is to be a party, where the arranger enters into or is to enter into the transaction:(a) as agent for another person; or(b) as principal, unless the arranger is the only
Guidance on the application provisions is in ICOBS 1 Annex 1 (Part 4).
For life insurance policies pledged to a lending firm to be recognised the following conditions must be met:(1) the party providing the life insurance must be a Solvency II firm listed in paragraphs (a), (d) or (e) of the definition in the Glossary3, or is subject to supervision by a competent authority of a third country which applies supervisory and regulatory arrangements at least equivalent to those applied in the UK3;1122(2) the life insurance policy is openly pledged or